Rules For Autrank Submissions
Popups and Blind Links - No more than 2 popups on your site please. Accounts are checked regularly and will be deleted if more than 2 popups are found. Your site will be checked for blind links. Finding one = rejected account.
Amateur Paysites Or Toplists Accepted - Please make sure you enter the correct catagory for your site. We separate these catagories so that the surfer can "choose" to be circle jerked or go to a paysite.
Banners - Due to the 2257 law, we can only accept softcore banners. This means no blatent genital images or sexual acts. We will not accept banners with text or are animated.

Free Hosted Sites - Many free hosted sites will redirect our surfers to places they don't wish to go. Unhappy surfers will not return. No surfers = no traffic to your site = no new members for you.
Unlawful Content - .It should go without saying that child pornography, beastiality or any unlawful site will be rejected.
Reciprocal Links - We check for reciprocal links prior to approval. If one does not exist, your site will be rejected. If you do not accept link sites in your autorank, a banner or text link placed somewhere in your tour is acceptable.
Traffic - We only display 18 autorank images on our first page. If you wish the majority of the traffic from our first page, you must also send a majority of the traffic.

Broken Rules - Accounts that break the above rules will be deleted without notice.

Acceptable Banners
Please hotlink these images








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